The Usefulness of Therapy During Divorce Mediation

The Usefulness of Therapy During Divorce Mediation

Once a couple makes the decision to terminate their marriage through divorce mediation, they often will disregard the usefulness of therapy. However, the reality is that people usually need therapeutic assistance through the divorce and post-divorce adjustment process.

Divorce is painful. It is often dictated by hurt, sadness, regret, blame, failure, and loneliness. Divorce mediators are excellent at assisting couples through the legal decisions which are necessary to dissolve their marriage. When mediation is coupled with outpatient therapy, especially with a therapist who specializes in assisting couples and individuals through the divorce and post-divorce transition process, the ability to minimize emotional pain improves.

When individuals face divorce, its quite common for them to feel apprehensive regarding how they are going to cope with the process, and eventually redefine their life without their previous spouse. The ability to redefine ones life is critical for successful transition. While processing the legal arrangements which will dictate how to manage finances, property, and custody of children is necessary, its also required for people to work on how their relationship came to an end, as well as the healing process which must occur in order to repair and redefine their life.

When you, or someone you know is facing an imminent divorce, reaching out to both a divorce mediator and marriage and family therapist can provide the kind of support necessary to successfully manage the divorce and post-divorce transition process.

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