Experiencing Therapeutic Progress

Experiencing Therapeutic Progress

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Most client's come to therapy discouraged and disheartened about making changes in their current situation. However, it's exciting to see therapeutic progress. I would like to explore this from two perspectives.

First, advancements in the early stages of therapy can reduce the intensity or breadth of the presenting problem. Through self disclosure, exploration, clinical experience, insight, and treatment plan interventions, clients should experience an alleviation of distress. This should improve hopefulness that change is capable, and instills trust in the therapeutic process.

Second, as change moves forward, clients should feel a sense of personal empowerment to create an elevation in their personal functioning. This is where people are able to create the kind of life circumstances which support a health level of functioning.

As clients transition to progressive stages of therapy, they can often feel as though that is the correct time to discontinue therapy. While progress should be acknowledged, it is not recommended that clients terminate therapy as soon as symptoms begin to alleviate.

When clients see things through, they have an increased likelihood to maintain the changes which they have experie3nced to that point in their therapy.

I enjoy working with clients as they confront their problems, and find it highly rewarding to see people remain engaged through the empowerement and creative stages of therapy.

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Anthony T. Alonzo, DMFT, LMFT, CFLE

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